Alison Dilaurentis in The Silence of E. Lamb (5x07)
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Let’s all forget 5x07

I’m just one more shipper disappointed at this episode. The lack of Emison and the so called epic kiss that was everything but epic was just two of the reasons. It was all full of bullshit ! I’m just tired that they make Ali seem like she’s playing the victim role even with the girls !

My otp is Emison yes, but even in this episode I started to have a uneasy feeling about Alison and I just love this fucking bitch, I don’t want to feel this again ! Hanna is acting so immature and Caleb doesn’t help at all, like it’s okay if she loses her friends (mostly Aria, Emily and Spencer) if she have him, really ?  That’s kinda toxic man. I get that she’s conflicted with Alison there and yada yada yada, but what’s the need in acting that way ? 

Now Alison keeping secrets is not a surprise but it seems like everything is going to a point where this will ruin the girls relationship, specially Emison’s. Like this Emily will doubt even more Alison’s feelings and it will not get pretty for us. I’m pissed, really fucking pissed.

I don’t blame Emily for being careful with Alison, what’s bothering me is that she seems so umconfortable around her, I didn’t even bought that hold handing scene, for me it seemed like she just reached for Alison because she didn’t wanted to let her hanging. 

About the Paily thing, I used to like them way back but Emily’s ways of treating her for me wasn’t that real, the chemistry wasn’t there and so with this ily thing, I don’t buy it neither. It seemed like Emily was reaching for her like a second option, I don’t even hate Paily or Paige but that’s not healthy at all. Emily cares about her of course but I just don’t feel that love at all so I didn’t even bothered to get angry at that.

If the writers just throw Paily after all this in our faces, it will be just ridiculous.

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Victoria trying to seduce Krystal

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So real

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Emison Moments in 5.02 “Whirly Girl”

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"You tried to pimp me out?"

"She took my blanket. It belonged to my roommate, it meant a lot to me. Plus, it is VERY FUCKING COLD in the dormitories."

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